Do you offer trade prices?

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Because we primarily work with artists and galleries, our prices are already our best possible prices. (Non-trade clients are still absolutely welcome!) Fine art printing to the highest standard is a labour-intensive process, and with our focus on quality control, we don’t outsource and we can’t see a benefit to the end product by automating our processes.

In other words, we can’t offer further discounts in the way that larger commercial printers might be able to. We also won’t compromise on the materials that we choose to work with. Being a small operation, our studio is very hands-on, and this is reflected in the quality we are able to provide.

We do offer volume discounts if you are ordering a run/edition of prints, however:

  • 5 – 9 prints from the same file: 5% discount
  • 10 – 14 prints from the same file: 10% discount
  • 15 – 50 prints from the same file: 15% discount
  • 50 + prints from the same file: by quote.

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