How does dropshipping work?

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Dropshipping is designed for artists who want to print-on-demand - that is, order prints just as you sell them. This means you don't need to hold physical stock/inventory of your prints, which helps keep your overheads low.

When you receive a print order through your site/store, you simply place an order through our online form. You can fill out all the dropshipping address details in the form as prompted. Once we have your order, we'll confirm the details with you, and get started! 

Tip: If you have more than three orders that need to be sent to different customers, please select 'bulk dropshipping'.

Our dropshipping fee is $4.40 per order. Parcels will have the return address of 'YOUR NAME, PO Box 5036 BRUNSWICK NORTH VIC 3056' and will feature none of our branding whatsoever.

Once your job is printed and and packaged, you'll receive a tracking notification. This email notification will have your clients name in the order detail, but it will not be sent to your client, only to you. From there, you can copy and paste these tracking details in an email to your client/fill it into your e-Commerce site that will notify your client in a way that is consistent with your previous modes of communication. This way, your client will have no idea that the print has come via our studio. 

Personalising dropshipped orders

We'd need you to supply any branding materials you'd like sent out with your orders. We can't print these items as it requires a totally different print setup to what we use for fine art printing, but if you supply us with stickers and/or branding items we can include them in your parcel.

Tip: We can recommend some great printers who can help produce these items for you.

Many of our clients include a business card as well as a branded sticker to seal the issue that their prints are wrapped in. You can either post these items to us or arrange a time time to drop them in, and we'll be sure to include them with your orders.

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